Thursday, April 15, 2010

Putting the Soul back in Food

Finch and I had an amazing discovery on one beautiful San Francisco Sunday morning. We had heard rumors of all you could eat fried chicken and cornbread brunch in the Tenderloin. There were even whispers that it was under $20 per person. We had to see if this was a dream come true or a cruel urban legend.

Farmer Brown is everything we wanted. The rumors were all true. This is one of those places that is so hip that it makes you grateful to live the city. A place like this wouldn't fly in a small town. When you first walk in, there are thumping beats from the live band. The dude on the mic is into it and you instantly get in a better mood due to their rhythm. We were seated right next to them and didn't mind at all.

Finch can never say no to a Bloody Mary at brunch and I had to try the mimosa. Both a little pricey ($9 and $7) but tasty. We were then shown the buffet. Hot fried chicken, homemade biscuits, thick country gravy (with or without sausage), a steaming pot of grits, spicy cornbread, crisp bacon, fluffy eggs, flapjacks, grapefruit, and an assortment of desserts including sweet potato pie. This was my first real experience with grits. I tried them Finch's way, with salt and butter, then my moms way, syrup on top and then the waitress' way, mixed with sausage gravy. I couldn't pick a favorite. Everything was scrumptious! The fried chicken especially deserves a spotlight. It is crispy and will leave grease all around your face. This place must really go through some napkins. The soul in the food, the music and the atmosphere had a lasting impression on us. For the rest of the day we were in great moods and our souls kept purring.

If you want to try Farmer Brown for yourself, it is located at:
25 Mason St (between Turk St & Market St) in San Francisco.
$16.50 gets you all you can eat brunch.
Brunch 9:00-2:30 Saturdays and Sundays
They are also open for dinner and soon for lunch (starting April 20th)

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